Size: 400×100×250 cm

LocalityDashanpu, Zigong, Sichuan

AgeMiddle Jurassic

A small primitive carnosaur about 4 m long and 2 m high, skull large but lightly built, with sharp knife-like teeth, with serrations on edges, well adapted for removing slices of flesh; neck and trunk short but the tail long, cervical and dorsal vertebrae amphiplatan, with low neural arches and plate-like neural spines, sacrum five co-ossified sacral vertebrae of which the neural spines not fused; distal ends of pubis and ischium slightly expanded but lack the "foot"; forelimbs diminutive; hindlimbs very sturdy, with sharp claws at the tip of digits. It was a fierce, bipedal predator.

At present, at least 6 individuals of Gasosaurus constructus have been discovered in Dashanpu Dinosaur Cemetery, Zigong. One reconstructed specimen has a body length of 4.3 m. It was a fierce predator of Middle Jurassic Dinosaur Fauna in Zigong. When alive, they might enjoy preying in groupsjust like wolves do today.

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