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Exhibition cooperation


Zigong dinosaurs traveled worldwide since 1989. They have been displayed abroad for 22 times in 29 cities, as in Japan, Thailand, Denmark, the United States, South Africa, South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Hong Kong. Wherever Zigong dinosaurs travel, visitors come in a continuous stream, and media competed to report. They gave great shock to visitors and cities where they went. These exhibitions have been visited by over 20 million people in total and they were praised as “Friendly Envoy from 160 million years ago”. 

Cooperation mode:

Over 50 dinosaur skeletons and hundreds of typical specimens of Zigong Dinosaur Museum have been prepared, such as dinosaur eggs, dinosaur skin impressions, dinosaur footprints, as well as crocodiles, turtles, fishes and so on. You can choose the exhibits base on your own requirement, or the museum selects the exhibits for you.

On the situation of real exhibition site, corresponding exhibits will be provided. Generally, 3 dinosaur skeletons, 5 typical specimens, 5 simulated robotic dinosaurs and related projects will be an impressive dinosaur exhibition with popular science experience. In addition, according to the actual site, such as floor height, area size, etc., the exhibits can be replaced, if there are other requirements, both the number of exhibits and the size of the exhibition can be reached through consultation.

Exhibition fee:

Its on the basis of the number and types of exhibits and exhibition time.

According to the exhibition conditions and requirements of the partners, the museum provides services of exhibition, and the fees include exhibition rental, transportation, exhibition installation and dismounting, taxes, personnel accommodation and allowance, insurance for exhibits and personnel.

The cooperation partner shall be responsible for:

Publicity for the whole exhibition, construction for the background and booth of the exhibition, loading and unloading assistants and equipment when exhibits arrival and departure, and assistants and equipment for installing and dismounting the exhibits.

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