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In March 1972, Huang Jianguo and his colleagues of the Seventh Team of China Geological Survey have found fossilized dinosaur coccygeal vertebra at Wanniandeng of Dashanpu Town.

On September 23, 1975, Yang Zhongjian, the famous geologist nearly 80 years old, director of the Institute of Vertebrate Paleontology and Paleoanthropology, Chinese academy of Science, came to Zigong, investigated locations of Wujiaba, Zhenzhuchong, Dashanpu and so on.

In October 1977, 36 students of Sichuan provincial cadre training class on protection for paleotologic vertebrate fossils digged up one complete sauropod dinosaur fossils during internship at Dashanpu.

At the end of 1979 to 1984, Institute of Vertebrate of Paleontology and Paleoanthropology of CAS, Chengdu Geology Institute, Chongqing Museum, Zigong Salt History Museum and so on, which have excavated alone or in combination at Dashanpu for many times, and over one hundred dinosaurs and other vertebrate fossils, from cartilaginous fish to terrestrial reptiles have been found in thousands of square meters scope .

On May 20, 1982, accompanied by Tan Qilong, the first Secretary of the Sichuan Provincial Party Committee, Zhang Aiping, the State Councilor, Deputy Chief of Staff, Deputy Secretary General of the Central Military Commission, to inspect Dashanpu excavation site of dinosaur fossils. He suggested to build a museum on the situ and wrote down the words of the dinosaur quarry, the worlds wonder.

In March 1983, approved by the CPC of Zigong, the leading group was set up for the construction of Sichuan Zigong Dinosaur Museum , comrade Jiao Zheng was chosen to be the chief.

Zigong Dinosaur Museum was completed at the end of 1986, and officially opened to the public on 15 January , 1987.

In January, 1991, Dashan Dinosaur Fossils Site was included in  the List of Nominations for World Geological Sites.

In December 1991, Zigong Dinosaur Museum was evaluated as one of the Top 40 Tourist Attractions.

In December 1995, Zigong Dinosaur Museum was selected as one of the first batch of Provincial Patriotism Education Base by Sichuan Provincial CPC committee and government.

In November 1998, Zigong Dinosaur Museum was selected as one of the first batch of Provincial Science Education Base by Sichuan Provincial CPC committee and Sichuan Association of Science and Technology.

2001, the permanent display of Zigong Dinosaur Museum won the Boutique Award in the selection of national top ten high-quality display which sponsored by the National Cultural Heritage Administration.

2002, Zigong Dinosaur Museum was rated as National Youth Science and Technology Education Base by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Peoples Republic of China and other ministries.

2002, after an expansion construction, Zigong Dinosaur Museum covers an area of 100 mu from its original 38 mu and become a national geopark.

In February 2008, Zigong took the Zigong Dinosaur Museum as the core area to have a successful application of being a member of Global Geopark Network.

In 2013, China Association for Science and Technology selected 103 popular science education bases as the 2013 annual excellent national popular science education base, Zigong Dinosaur Museum was included.

In February 2014, the first festival ofZigong Dinosaur Easter was successfully held in Zigong Dinosaur Museum.

In January 2015, Baidu Encyclopedia, Zigong Dinosaur Panoramic Museum released online.

In November 2015, the International Symposium on 100th  Anniversary of Discovery of Zigong Dinosaurs was successfully held in Zigong. 

In December 2015, award announcement was released for the collection of Names and Stories of Zigong Dinosaur Mascots .

In August 2016, the first 4D animation movie about Jurassic Period, Jurassic Adventure produced by Zigong Dinosaur Museum was premiered and released.

In January 2017, Zigong Dinosaur Museum was awarded as Advanced Collective of Sichuan Tourism System”.

In May 2017, the special stamp of China Dinosaur release ceremony was held at plaza of Zigong Dinosaur Museum, Zigong dinosaurs of Taibai Huayangosaurus, Yangchuanosaurus, Mamenchisaurus have been included.

In September 2017, the former Ministry of Land and Resources, Ministry of Science and Technology joint issued the document to name 32 popular science bases including Zigong Dinosaur Museum as National Science Base of Land and Resources.

In April 2018, Zigong Dinosaur Museum was chosen as one of the first batch of National First-class Fossils Collection Unit by the Experts Committee of National Paleontology.