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Zigong dinosaur museum is located in the south of sichuan province, China. It is connected with luzhou city in the east, yibin area in the south, leshan city in the west and neijiang area in the north.

The traffic in zigong area is well developed, with the "chengdu-chongqing expressway" extension -- "neiyi expressway" running through it. It is also one of the "north ring road" ends of one of the main traffic arteries in zigong, about 200km from chengdu and chongqing respectively, and 67km from yibin airport.

Other major highways connect large and medium-sized cities in the province with good traffic conditions, such as zigong (gongyi) (bing), zigong (luzhou), zigong (leshan) and zigong (nanchong)

Zigong dinosaur museum is located in the northeast of zigong city, 9 kilometers away from the city, the city bus can take no. 3, no. 15, no. 35 to arrive; It's only about 20 minutes by taxi.

Convenient transportation, traffic safety.