Coaching & Juniors

The Cyprus Badminton Federation (KOM) with the assistance of EBC club is making great efforts to encourage young talent. It is hope that Cyprus will have a stronger representation internationally, including at the future Olympic games. It is not easy to produce a player or players of world class, however EBC is determined to assist the Cyprus Federation in their quest for success.

The Junior Section of Emba Badminton Club opens its doors for new junior players interested in the game of BADMINTON absolutely FREE of charge.

The Juniors train and play on Saturday morning from 09:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.

Our club’s qualified coach Don Griffin together with several assistant coaches supervise training of young players teaching them all the fundamentals of the game of badminton. The coaching involves all aspects of badminton including the erection of the nets, care of equipment, etiquette in sport. We train hard, but we never forget to have FUN! It is often stated in many sport clubs that the Junior Members are the future of the club. It is also true for EBC. The Junior Members are essential to the success of EBC.

EBC is appreciative of all the assistance that it receives from The Cyprus Federation, Members and parents. One of the greatest assets of EBC is the help that our Members and parents of Junior Members afford the club. Volunteers are most valued, it can be testing but it is very rewarding, not only to the juniors. We welcome all family members to participate in training of the youngest players.

If you are interested in Junior training please send a request to